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A Spring Mystery ……Solved!

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A bit of gardening by David Oakes


Aquilegia, perhaps better known as Columbine was a wildflower that man has tamed to grace his garden.  We have various colours in our patch, Pink, Yellow and Cream.  But it is the Blue (with a Purple tinge) that is always the first to flower in our garden………


The Blue, apart from being the first to flower, is also the variety that ‘self seeds’ and appears in the most unlikely of locations in the garden.  The Blue is also the variety that graces meadow and hedgerows in the wild.  So I guess that is the answer to our mystery…the wild variety is much tougher and needs to survive under its own steam, so no surprise that it is the first colour to flower and appears to be the only colour of Columbine to self seed. Don’t misunderstand, I am not complaining, as whatever their colour, I welcome their presence in the…

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