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Our hearts are heavy and our memories are long, Let’s join together on this day to give love to those who has suffered from this tragic event.


We where having friends over that day, outside barbecuing and not worried about much of anything. until I turned on the television and seen a site that just shocked me from head to toe,…I started yelling to the people outside. They all came running in to see what was wrong, and we all stood there is shock, some started to cry and some just sat down with their head in their hands. Immediately we all started calling loved ones to see if they too were all ok.


So this day is well remembered, the shock, the heavy hearts and the pain we all felt, for our beautiful country was under attack. Could we ever be under attack ever again? Many of us have wondered that same question. The answer to that would be to always stay close to your family, loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and friends, because you just never know what life holds.

People paying tribute to this part of history:

From left: President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during memorial ceremonies observing the 12th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks, at the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Va., Sept. 11, 2013. Memorial ceremonies across America on Wednesday offered not just an occasion to remember those who died, but a moment to assess a decade of war.


Alyssa Milano-Remembering

Miley Cyrus- Do a good deed today in observance of @911day. Make your pledge at .

Marlee Matlin- those who perished @ World Trade Center @ Pentagon in PA & the emergency responders – all BRAVE men & women

Kaley Cuoco- forever standing tall! #9/11

Stevie Nicks-Heavy heart

Phillip Phillips-Hard to believe its been 12 years since 9/11. My heart/prayers go out to the ones who lost loved ones that day.

Alec Baldwin ABF Foundation-How do we “take back our country” from our own misguided policies?

Josh Groban-

William Shatner-Taking a moment to remember those who lost their lives on this day.



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