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13 Hiking Tips for the Lower Oneonta Falls Virgin 9-4-06

Spring is right around the corner, and what a wonderful way to start your 2014 year, with a beautiful hike in the Americas.

All Thoughts Work™ Outdoors 1

Lower Oneonta Falls is not the kind of hike that you decide upon at the last minute. You’ve got to steel yourself for this one and there is prep work. I’m not saying it’s difficult, dangerous, or remote. On the contrary. This little gem can be tackled within an easy drive of Portland, Oregon, sans hiking poles and pack, and suffering a mighty hangover. (Okay, the famous log jam might test the hangover.) Complex, it is not. But this popular route does have one compelling attribute that sets it apart from every other trail in the Columbia River Gorge Natural Scenic Area

The trail is a creek. You heard me: a creek.

TIP #1:  Wear something you want to see wet. Because if you are in Oneonta Creek, you are on the trail–the creek IS the trail, and you will be wearing it. A narrow gorge with…

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Zoo Ethics: On the Cold-Blooded Murder of a Young Giraffe

No animal should have to suffer..
Green 400 Magazine gives a voice to those who cannot speak, and this is especially true for animals and their freedoms..

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson


I don’t like any zoo, but I am especially outraged by the action of the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark on Sunday (February 9).  I am hardly alone:  More than 27,000 people signed a “save Marius petition,” when the zoo announced that zoo officials intended to kill the adorable and much-loved 18-month old Marius. Many thousands of other people around the world have taken to the Internet to express their sadness, their bewilderment, and their horror at this completely unnecessary, even ghoulish act.   It caused revulsion in most people who read about it.  It was an execution many noted.  The reason the zoo gave for killing Marius struck just about every ordinary person as bizarre:  He was killed because his genes were too similar to those of other zoo giraffes in a European breeding program.  “He cannot add anything further to the breeding programme that does not already exist,” a European…

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Our hearts are heavy and our memories are long, Let’s join together on this day to give love to those who has suffered from this tragic event.


We where having friends over that day, outside barbecuing and not worried about much of anything. until I turned on the television and seen a site that just shocked me from head to toe,…I started yelling to the people outside. They all came running in to see what was wrong, and we all stood there is shock, some started to cry and some just sat down with their head in their hands. Immediately we all started calling loved ones to see if they too were all ok.


So this day is well remembered, the shock, the heavy hearts and the pain we all felt, for our beautiful country was under attack. Could we ever be under attack ever again? Many of us have wondered that same question. The answer to that would be to always stay close to your family, loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and friends, because you just never know what life holds.

People paying tribute to this part of history:

From left: President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, during memorial ceremonies observing the 12th anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks, at the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Va., Sept. 11, 2013. Memorial ceremonies across America on Wednesday offered not just an occasion to remember those who died, but a moment to assess a decade of war.


Alyssa Milano-Remembering

Miley Cyrus- Do a good deed today in observance of @911day. Make your pledge at .

Marlee Matlin- those who perished @ World Trade Center @ Pentagon in PA & the emergency responders – all BRAVE men & women

Kaley Cuoco- forever standing tall! #9/11

Stevie Nicks-Heavy heart

Phillip Phillips-Hard to believe its been 12 years since 9/11. My heart/prayers go out to the ones who lost loved ones that day.

Alec Baldwin ABF Foundation-How do we “take back our country” from our own misguided policies?

Josh Groban-

William Shatner-Taking a moment to remember those who lost their lives on this day.


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A Spring Mystery ……Solved!

A bit of gardening by David Oakes


Aquilegia, perhaps better known as Columbine was a wildflower that man has tamed to grace his garden.  We have various colours in our patch, Pink, Yellow and Cream.  But it is the Blue (with a Purple tinge) that is always the first to flower in our garden………


The Blue, apart from being the first to flower, is also the variety that ‘self seeds’ and appears in the most unlikely of locations in the garden.  The Blue is also the variety that graces meadow and hedgerows in the wild.  So I guess that is the answer to our mystery…the wild variety is much tougher and needs to survive under its own steam, so no surprise that it is the first colour to flower and appears to be the only colour of Columbine to self seed. Don’t misunderstand, I am not complaining, as whatever their colour, I welcome their presence in the…

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Tao Today: A Sage’s Take on Modern Society, Part 2

Interesting take on past and social growths and failures.


In response to the predicament of his times, Lao Tzu ruminated on the essence of human nature and asked: What can be done to stop the injustice, violence, and greed that inevitably corrupts the core of civilization? According to Welch, the old sage came to the conclusion that a radical operation must be performed on human nature before these systemic issues could be resolved:

“First he cuts out desire for superfluous material goods (they only keep their owner awake at night), then desire for praise and fear of blame (both drive men mad), then desire for power (the only successful ruler is one who suffers as his kingdom suffers). But this is not enough. Morality is frequently used to justify violence. Morality must go. Violence frequently starts with a fixed difference of opinion. Fixed opinion must go. But without desire, morality, and opinion, what is left for a man…

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Past Meets Present: Shan Shui Environmental Art


Literally translated as “mountain water”, Shan Shui is a specific style of Chinese landscape art that rose to prominence in the 5th century during the Liu Song Dynasty (wikipedia). In the depiction of pristine rivers, ethereal mists, and hallowed mountains, the artist’s ultimate goal is to capture the ch’i, or vital breath, of the world around them. This ch’i must be caught even at the expense of realism, for if the artist misses it, they have lost the very essence of the landscape. In this way, Shan Shui paintings are only expressions of art, but also provide insight into how the artist, influenced by culture and society, views the natural world.

I recently came across the work of a modern artist who sought to introduce modern human presence and impact into Shan Shui paintings. Commissioned by the China Environmental Protection Foundation, Yong Liang Yang utilizes…

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Over 150 Dead, Thousands Injured After 6.6 Quake Strikes China’s Sichuan Province | Zero Hedge