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The Coronary Heart Disease Epidemic: Possible Culprits

What could have contributed to the epidemic of heart attacks that began in the 1920’s and 1930’s in the U.S. and U.K., and continues today. smoking, appeared to be a major player, but even smoking is clearly trumped by yet another factor or combination of factors, judging by the unusually low incidence of heart attacks in France, Japan.One of the major changes in diet that has not mentioned  is the rise of industrial liquid vegetable oils over the course of the 20th century. In the U.S. in 1900, the primary cooking fats were lard, beef tallow and butter. The following data only include cooking fats and spreads, because the USDA does not track the fats that naturally occur in milk and meat:Animal fat is off the hook.This is the type of information that makes mainstream nutrition advice ring hollow. Let’s see what happened to industrial vegetable oils in the early 1900’s.

Now remember that all corn oil is also genetically modified and made in a lab, which is not the way humans are suppose to consume foods. Humans are suppose to eat foods that are 100% natural and naturally grown.

Scientifically made foods such as corn, soy, cottonseed and some wheat’s are extremely dangerous to your health, and yes that means corn on the cob, shoe-peg corn, pop corn, corn oils ..any kind of corn is now made into franken-corn, soy sauce…please read all your labels for safety reasons.

I do believe we’re getting warmer. Now let’s consider the composition of traditional American animal fats and industrial vegetable oils:

It’s not hard to see that the two classes of fats (animal and industrial vegetable) are quite different. Animal fats are more saturated (blue). However, the biggest difference is that industrial vegetable oils contain a massive amount of omega-6 (yellow), far more than animal fats. If you accept the concept that humans evolved eating primarily animal fats, which is well supported by the archaeological and anthropological literature, then you can begin to see the nature of the problem.

Omega-6 and omega-3 fats are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are precursors to a very important class of signaling molecules called eicosanoids, which has something to do with virtually every bodily process. Omega-6 and omega-3 fats compete with one another for the enzymes (desaturases and elongases) that convert them into eicosanoid precursors. Omega-6-derived eicosanoids and omega-3-derived eicosanoids have different functions. Therefore, the balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fats in the diet influences the function of the body on virtually every level. Omega-6 eicosanoids tend to be more inflammatory and causes inflammation in the body.

What’s better understood is the fact that our current omega-6 consumption is well outside of our ecological road map.  In other words, we evolved in an environment that did not provide large amounts of omega-6 all year round.      Industrial vegetable oils are a product of food processing techniques that have been widespread for about 100 years, not enough time for even the slightest genetic adaptation. Our current level of omega-6 intake, and our current balance between omega-6 and omega-3, are therefore unnatural and can lead to many health complications down the road.

The ideal ratio is probably very roughly 2:1 omega-6:omega-3. Leaf lard is 6.8, beef tallow is 2.4, good quality butter is 1.4, corn oil is 45, cottonseed oil is 260. It’s clear that a large qualitative change in our fat consumption occurred over the course of the 20th century.

This was a major factor in the rise of heart attacks from an obscure condition to the primary cause of death.


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Green 400 Magazine Presents: The Dangers That Lurk in Your Food

Building a beautiful vegetable garden in 2013 is not as easy as it use to be.  In 1983 a company called Monsanto started genetically modifying our natural seeds supplies.

Awesome Veggie Garden By Green 400 Magazine

Genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetic engineering (GE) are crops and animals and other food products that have had their genes changed to create a breeds and strains of plants and animals that do not occur naturally. These GMO/GE products have been banned from several countries for fear of harming their environment and people.
Here is a list of countries that forbids importing from the United States seeds and food supplies.
Asian countries such as Africa, Algeria,Egypt,China,Japan,Sri Lanka,Thailand, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.
Europe countries such as Germany,Norway,Austria,Ireland, Scotland, England Whales,Spain,Italy, Luxembourg,France, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium and Switzerland.Greece
Middle East; Saudi Arabia,Dubai.
America’s; Brazil and “ALL” South American countries.
Why is it that all these countries have awakened to the corruption of Monsanto and Dupont, and the people of the U.S. are still not sure what is going on at the dinner table? Is the United States too busy watching the Karadashians and Dancing with the Stars?  …or are they just too lazy to do anything about these poisonous companies, or they simply just don’t care….We Care!!! And we are telling everyone to wake up!!!

Tests had been made on several rats by a team of scientist at France’s Caen University led by Professor Gilles Eric Seralini. Professor Seralini’s qualified scientific team carefully documented results of tests on a group of 200 rats over a two year life span. One group was fed with Monsanto’s genetically modified plants and the other group with non genetically modified plants.
Monsanto only did experiments for 90 days, while France’s scientist conducted an experiment for 2 years, the results from France Caen University where critical. After 4 to 7 months, signs of tumors appeared on the rats. As time went on, more damage was noticed in the animals such as liver congestion, altered sex glands, kidney nephropathies, pituitary disorders and anecrosis in males and large mammary tumors in females.
Monsanto tested rats with very low amounts of their GMO products, way lower than the average dosage to lets say the average human and animal daily consumption’s.
After the 90 day interval was finished, Monsanto seen signs of toxicity but were dismissed as “not biologically meaningful” by industry and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) alike. It seems they were indeed very biologically meaningful.

Starve the system...grow your own food by Green 400 Magazine
A four hundred percent (400%)increase in tumors where found in the tested France Caen University rats then in the Monsanto rates, because Monsanto cheated by using less to little to none ingredients in their testings.
In plain language, as another scientific study led by Prof. Seralini noted, “GMO plants have been modified to contain pesticides, either through herbicide tolerance or by producing insecticides, or both, and could therefore be considered as ‘pesticide plants’”.
What was more than alarming in the context of Seralini’s first long-term independent study of the effects of a GMO diet on rats was that it took place some twenty years after “US President George H.W. Bush” gave the commercial release of GMO seeds the green light and mandated no government safety tests before release. Bush did so following a closed-door meeting with top officials of Monsanto Corporation, the world’s largest GMO concern.

The US President (George H.W. Bush) had decided then that GMO seeds were to be permitted in the United States with not one single independent precautionary government test to determine if they were safe for human or animal consumption. It became known as the Doctrine of Substantial Equivalence. The EU Commission dutifully aped the US Substantial Equivalence Doctrine of “hear no bad effects, see no bad effects…hear no evil, see no evil.”
As far as the irresponsible bureaucrats of the EU Commission were concerned, when it came to GMO, the Monsanto fox could indeed “guard the hen house” as well as that corrupt Bush and his family of snakes.
So it is perfectly clear that nothing that comes from Monsanto is honest nor is it safe for consumption.

Like our photo says, “Starve the System, “Grow your Own Food”, it is time to undue the heinous crimes that these corrupt politicians (The Bush’s) have tried to do to deceive and plot against innocent families, It is time to take our control back and not be sleeping sheeple anymore.

So here is Monsanto’s upcoming game approach and whatever you do, don’t fall for it;

July 2008 theme: GE crops as the cure-all technology that will increase production and feed the world. This time, GE crops are touted as the solution to the current food crisis and climate change (and peak oil). (The Biotechnology Industry Organization‘s current slogan is “Heal, fuel, feed the world.”) The Gene Giants aim to convince governments, farmers and reluctant  consumers that genetic engineering is the essential adaptation strategy to insure agricultural productivity in the midst of climate change. According to Monsanto, “everyone recognizes that  the old traditional ways just aren’t able to address these new challenges” – so the only hope is “climate ready” GM crops.Bottom line: …Patented gene technologies will not help small farmers survive climate change, but they will concentrate corporate power, drive up costs, inhibit public sector research and further undermine the rights of farmers to save and exchange seeds
.The video we are about to show you is “Shocking” and very revealing to the American people, it is a must watch for the safety of the American people.You will watch this video because you love and care for your family and friends and colleagues.